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Debra V. Lang MBA

· Arbitration is a process where the parties meet with an independent third party called an arbitrator and state their positions.  However, unlike mediation, where the decisions are made solely by the parties.  The power to decide in arbitration is solely that of the arbitrator.  Moreover, in most states, the arbitrator's decision is a binding decision.


· Collaborative Divorces are facilitated through a team effort.  Professional assistance is provided for the. family from experts in various fields like the financial, mental health and legal.  These experts then create recommendations for the divorce

based on the compilation of their individual recommendations after consultations with the family.  The parties must agree to work cooperatively and honestly to find a satisfactory solution.  Just a threat to go to court ends the collaborative process and eliminates both parties' lawyers from ever participating in their case again.

In the end, the key separation between mediation and most of the other divorce methods, is the goal to produce a swift "win-win" solution through compromise and honest negotiations.  Upon completion of the negotiation process, an agreement is reached and a contract is drafted to reflect the terms of the agreement

Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods

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To get started, go to the contact us page and fill out the intake form then contact us for an appointment.  If you are not able to complete the form on your own just bring it in on your first appointment along with the required documentation and we can work on what you were unable to fill in.  However, the process is more efficient if  you fill in as much as you can before the appointment.


Serenity Solutions


Serenity Solutions is friendly to all  divorcing couples (heterosexual or same sex ).  From here on in the terms “couples” or “parties” are symbolic of any divorcing couple.

Serenity solutions was founded to provide  divorcing couples with an alternative way to engage in the divorce transition.  Serenity gets that this is a hard process for everyone.  Consequently, we engage the mediation process to minimize the adversarial energy that so often poisons and dominates this very difficult time. 

As this negative synergy becomes better controlled what often emerges is the couple's ability to find working solutions which are satisfactory to both parties.  This is especially beneficial for couples with children because the reduction in negative synergy can make this difficult transition less stressful and traumatic for them.  What's more this phenomenon can have long term  benefits.  We realize your need to relate & communicate might not end with the finalization of your divorce.  You might have friends in common that you like & enjoy being with, you might care about each other's family, & of course, this is particularly true if you have children. 














The mediation process while it can be therapeutic is not therapy and there are no guarantees of its outcome, however, many have found that they have been able to transition more easily because of the new ways of relating to each other they created as they went through the mediation process.  They are then able to benefit by carrying this underpinning forward into their new reality and family dynamic with its familiar yet very different roles.



There are several alternative dispute resolution methods available to those who have concluded a court divorce is not the way for them.  These methods include:



· Mediation is facilitated by a neutral third party who assists the parties as they create the necessary agreements to finalize their divorce.