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Debra V. Lang MBA

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Why should I choose Serenity Solutions

At Serenity Solutions we know that there are many good mediator services available to you.  When you get down to it, there is a certain commonality we all share as far as the work we do.  So what separates us then is what we are willing to do to make your life (the client) better and smoother through out this difficult period.  We of course will provide you with courteous, respectful and competent service.  But more than this, we understand that it is inevitable in even the  most amicable of divorces periods of stress, confusion and self doubt to name a few emotions will occur. Your entire divorce period does not have to  be spent this way.  We want to help you.  We will work with you through what may be one of the most difficult events in your life.  We want to help you, and we are here for you. 

At Serenity one of the many ways we are doing our best to show you or commitment and take some of  the stress and pressure from the process is through our schedule arrangements.  Your schedule is our schedule.  We work to your schedule, you do not have to work to ours.  We get that  the pressures and demands of modern live are even more intense and uncertain in this period.  We understand that there might be young children in your life, that you might both work and need to make arrangements.  So we will tailor our hours to your needs to better serve you with timely appointments built around your schedule. Its our way of showing you that at Serenity Solutions you are truly the priority.

Another way we try to ease the pressure and stress is by providing you with the option to teleconference some of your mediation sessions.  Sometimes it is simply not possible to make an in person appointment  under these circumstances and with the agreement and participation of both parties are able to provide you with the teleconferencing option.


Serenity's founder/owner: Debra Lang
Education: Earned her master degree with concentration in financial planning at California Lutheran University's California Institute of  Finance.
Training:  Completed initial training and the advanced practicum in divorce mediation.
Association memberships:

The Financial Planning Association
NYS chapter of Divorce Mediators
NYS chapter of The Association for Conflict Resolution 


Debra is a dedicated mediator/analyst who founded Serenity Solutions to provide services in divorce mediation and in particular the finances of divorce because she saw a great need and by extension a great way to be of service to people.  She utilizes her education, expertise & training to help her clients create outcomes that they find satisfactory.  Debra offers her services to other divorce professionals, and to do it yourself divorcing couples.  Upon completion of service and the receipt of the services completion letter, both do it yourselfers, forensic analysis clients and post mediation parties can utilize Serenity Solutions financial planning services to create advanced solutions for their future, such as retirement plans, paying for their children's college, insurance needs and etc.  You will discover that Debra is a warm, caring, individual who is easy to get along with, and totally committed to helping you through this trying time in your life.



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To get started, go to the contact us page and fill out the intake form then contact us for an appointment.  If you are not able to complete the form on your own just bring it in on your first appointment along with the required documentation and we can work on what you were unable to fill in.  However, the process is more efficient if  you fill in as much as you can before the appointment.