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Debra V. Lang MBA

To get started, go to the contact us page and fill out the intake form then contact us for an appointment.  If you are not able to complete the form on your own just bring it in on your first appointment along with the required documentation and we can work on what you were unable to fill in.  However, the process is more efficient if  you fill in as much as you can before the appointment.

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Is the Mediation Process the Right one for you


Each client and mediator makes that decision based on their own sensitivities and code of ethics.  However, here are some general factors the parties and mediator will consider when making the decision of engaging in the mediation process with each other.  














Consider Mediation If...


Consider another method if...

You want the least expensive method that provides assistance with your divorce

You are seeking revenge

You have failed at do it yourself negotiations,

One of the spouses cannot be reached

You would like a speedy divorce process

One of you is incompetent, or so intimidated as to be unable to  express yourself

You are seeking a creative, yet fair solution to your divorce

There is danger of harm

You don't care to be a party to aggressive litigations or hard negotiations

Only one of the parties wants to mediate the divorce

You would like to keep the details of your divorce confidential

One of the parties wants the information to be public

You are seeking a "win-win" solution that might allow you to stay on good terms with your soon to be ex.

If the post divorce relationship is not your number one  priority